Seed Library

Everyone should be able to access high-quality native plants. In the fall, we provide quality native seeds harvested responsibly from local native gardens, through annual seed swaps and the Barrie Public Library Seed Program.

Pollinate Barrie's Seed Library envelopes full of native seeds at the Barrie Public Library.

How to donate for a seed swap

Only harvest seed from your own plants, not wild populations – we want to keep wild populations safe. Check out our How-To page to learn how to collect native seeds.

The Native Seed Library program only accepts Ontario native (and plausibly near native) species.

No cultivars (plants with “fancy proprietary names”) please.

Packaging Native Seeds

  • Seeds must be ripe and dry.
  • Seeds must be removed from pods, casings and chaff to the best of your ability. (Fluffy chaff is ok)
  • Seeds must be packaged and sealed in dry paper envelopes (preferably coin envelopes).

Please label envelopes with:

  • Binomial botanical name
  • Common name(s)
  • Year harvested
  • Sun conditions needed
  • Moisture conditions needed
  • Whether to plant in fall or spring
  • Seeds must be stored in a dry, cool and dark place until they’re ready for use.