Our Gardens

Maple Avenue

On June 24th 2023, Pollinate Barrie teamed up with the MacLaren Art Centre and the Downtown Barrie BIA to plant our biggest (two) gardens yet!

Two large concrete planters on Maple Avenue across from Shak’s World are now home to a variety of native species.

Be sure to stop by next time you’re downtown Barrie! (They’re going to be a prime photoshoot location when they fill in too!).

Eastview Plot 10 Seed Bank

A garden of native lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) and specialist bee host plants planted in summer 2022. The garden is located in the Eastview Park community garden.

Janice Laking Community Garden Pollinator Patch

The first ever Pollinate Barrie garden! A small alvar garden to draw pollinators to assist the community vegetable plot.

Tall Trees Park Sign Garden

Native woodland plants to hold pollinators over through the lean summer and fall months in a woodland, designed and planted in 2022.

Cundles Heights

This alvar garden was planted in 2022, directly into the stabilizer-mix soil of the schoolyard. It contains lepidoptera host plants, shrubs, and flowers that can support bees and other pollinators – and let kids watch habitat creation in action!

Barrie Boulevards

Did you know that Barrie has a Boulevard Garden Policy? You can turn that patch of underused land into a pollinator patch and never mow it again!

This is Su Cadogan’s beautiful boulevard!