Welcome to Pollinate Barrie

We are a community-led group that wants to help create and sustain native pollinator habitat in our City. Everything we do is volunteer driven by people passionate about plants, pollinators and planet.

It’s time for winter sowing!

Native plants evolved for long, cold winters, so their seeds need to experience winter to germinate and get ready to grow in the spring. Check out our ‘How To’ on winter sowing to get started!

We’re recruiting Volunteers!

We need a lot of reliable helping hands to maximize our impact! Want to help? We’ve got a role for you whatever your interests and skills are. Learn more about what roles we’re looking to fill and what capacity fits for you!

Check out our ‘How-To’ list!

We have a How-To written for everything from designing a garden to planting a garden to harvesting and sharing around your seeds!
If you’re looking to learn, start here.